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Cancellation policy

If a student cancels a lesson with less than 48 hours notice (measured from the start of the lesson) students are liable to pay half the total cost of the lesson. If a student cancels a lesson with less than 24 hours notice (again measured from the start of the lesson) then the student is liable to pay the whole cost of the lesson. However, if a lesson is cancelled because of unavoidable/unforseeable circumstances (illness, weather or travel issues for example) then Tom can waive the cancellation fee at my discretion. 

Tom has the right to cancel lessons but at no cost to the student. 

Refund policy

In the event of a request for money back due to a decision to stop attending pre-paid lessons, half the money shall be paid back to the student. (e.g. a student has paid £100 for a block of 4 one hour lessons but has only attended two of those lessons can expect to receive £25 as refund).